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Happy 4th Birthday Chips' Fun House
Congratulation to our community for reaching the 4th anniversary of our creation, June 27, 2004. A special weekend is planned more.

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WON was about to go down...summer of 2004. The handfull of servers I used to frequent were about to go down also...they weren't planning on converting to Steam. In the Keegs forums, weet and some others were always yapping about the servers they ran on their home machines with all these weird plug-ins and stuff. I decided I try to make one of my play with my buds every now and then. I first put it together on the WON platform...but was experimenting with a Steam version on the side.

First night I put it up...Gill, TD and a few others from Keegs dropped in. At about 4:00 am, I decided I wanted to go to bed. The map just changed to Well...and the server filled, all 20 slots. I told everyone there (I really didn't know any of them) I was going to bed and they'd have to leave. They were like "aw c'mon...we're having fun". So I went to bed and just left my machine running...I didn't want to ruin their fun. The next moring I got up around 10...went to the compy to shut it down...AND IT WAS STILL FULL. I really don't know why...but I felt like I'd be a dick if I ruined the fun these folks were having. So I just let it run....2 days, 3 days, 1 week, 2 weeks. For seven home computer WAS our main server. I could never get anyone to leave...they just kept coming.

Then some asked "where are your forums". I said "what forums...I don't need no stinking forums"..."I want you all to go away so I can turn my computer off". Then they asked about web sites...and IRC...and stats. I was like..."c' can't be serious".

My cable company finally busted down my bandwidth...yes, the server was swallowing up the whole least on my node. I was using alot of bandwith 24/7. Some crack head (milton for those who remember), offered to host us for free. That lasted around 4 months before he went psycho and just took the server down. We were back to my home computer for around a week...when CC stepped in and said he had a friend that would do the same, host us for free. After mooching off his friend (Pat) for around 7 more months...we started paying him after moving us to a server in Texas.

A new server with stats, 466 forum members, a web site, a rather active IRC room, league teams competing in both CTF and ADL matches [league folded] for STA & UGC...and almost four years later, we're stronger than ever. We've consistantly ranked in the top 20 TFC servers in the world. We are known for our clean play in matches, a family environment on our servers and some of the weirdest conversations I've ever seen in our forums. We have attracted fathers and sons, fathers and daughters, husbands and wives, brothers, grandfather & grandkids, children of all ages...and some of the coolest people I've ever met online. Additionally, we've attracted some of the best talent that's ever played this game...some of our late night rounds with the big boys are an amazing time.

As big as we've gotten, as much as we've accomplished as a would think this was all planned. really wasn' kinda just "happened". And we wouldn't be what we are today without the help of the admins, moderators, team captains, others of various capacities that have assisted me over the years and of course, our loyal and strange collection of players that come here and make it all worthwhile. This was all one big, glorious and wonderful was never meant to be.

All because I wouldn't turn off my computer that first night and ruin someone else's fun...June 27th, 2004.

<3 "Teh Fun House Gang"

About this site...One of our long time members, Nerve-ana, found this template...which I loved. He made the graphic for it and helped move some of the info over from our old site. I then spent a few days editing the content and rearranging it to my liking...and here we are.  Nerve-ana also went out of his way to make a forums template that matches the web site in color scheme...truly good work.  You can edit your forums profile in order to use it.  Thanks also to Barbar for the IRC java applet..........and DoVe, for getting me through a moment of sheer stupidity.  Thanks also to Miles and -SoldierBoy- for our banners on the older stats pages.

Thanks to all that gave me input and helped.